401(k) Savings Plan

Today more than ever, you need to prepare for retirement with a sound financial plan.
Saving for retirement is something you want to do, yet other expenses often seem to take priority. Saving gets put off, while retirement keeps getting closer. What can you do easily today that may offer financial security tomorrow?
The DallasNews Corporation Savings Plan is a voluntary 401(k) plan that gives you a choice in how to save for the future. It’s one of the easiest and most effective ways to prepare for retirement.
Consider these points:
Convenience. Your contributions are automatically deducted from your paychecks and deposited into your account each payroll period.
Adaptibility. You may save up to 100% of your pay (less required withholdings and subject to IRS limitations), adjusting the amount if your financial situation changes.
Tax savings. With the pre-tax 401(k) option, the money you put aside isn’t taxed until it’s withdrawn, so you may pay less federal income tax each year you contribute. With the Roth 401(k) option, you contribute after-tax dollars, which means you can withdraw those dollars tax-free when you retire. You determine your best tax-savings approach, contributing to one or both options.
Growth potential. The Savings Plan offers tax-deferred growth through investment in a selection of funds. What’s more, DallasNews Corporation may match a portion of your contributions.
Explore the materials provided here to learn more about the plan. The future will be here sooner than you think — let the Savings Plan help you get ready to enjoy it.

For questions, contact Fidelity, our 401(k) administrator, at 1-800-835-5098, or log into www.401k.com. For more information about Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) guidelines, visit https://qdro.fidelity.com. For general questions, you can also contact DallasNews Corporation Benefits at 214-977-7210.