The company offers coverage through VSP to help you cover the cost of routine eye exams, as well as contact lenses, frames and glasses.
To get the most from VSP, be sure you know:
How much you can save by going to a network provider
Annual limits on frames and lenses
Additional discounts offered by VSP doctors
The VSP number to call — (800) 877-7195 — or Web site to visit,

Your Vision Plan

The Vision Service Plan (VSP) offers a network of doctors. When you need vision care, you may go to a doctor who is part of the network or you may use a doctor who is not part of the network. The choice is yours.

Benefits at a Glance

Vision Service Plan
Coverage from
a VSP Doctor
Out-of-Network Reimbursement
Eye Exam
Covered in full
Up to $50 allowance
Prescriptive Lenses
(You choose between frames and contact lenses.)
$25 (applied to lenses and frames)
Single vision, lined bifocal and lined trifocal lenses, tints and photochromatics are covered in full
Single vision up to $50 allowance
Lined bifocal up to $75 allowance
Lined trifocal up to $100 allowance
Frames or
Covered up to $130 allowance
Up to $70 allowance
Contact Lenses and Exam
Covered up to $150 allowance
Up to $150 allowance

Second-Pair Benefit

The vison plan allows for a second-pair benefit. You may elect two pairs of glasses or two pairs of contacts or one pair of glasses and one pair of contacts up to the plan allowance with an additional $25 copay applied to lenses and frame only.

When Vision Coverage Begins and Ends

When Coverage Begins

When you first join the company, your vision coverage begins on the first of the month after you have two continuous months of service with the company, provided you have enrolled within 31 days of your eligibility period.

When Coverage Ends

Generally, vision coverage under DallasNews Corporation’s plan for you and your enrolled dependents ends when you:
No longer meet the eligibility requirements described in the Eligibility and Participation section (see Who Is Eligible)
Terminate employment with DallasNews Corporation (effective at the end of the month you terminate)
Cancel or drop coverage
Stop making any required payments for coverage
Coverage also ends if the plan is terminated, your employer stops participating in the plan or the plan is amended to terminate coverage for a group or class of individuals that includes you.

How the Vision Plan Works

Contact Lenses

Your contact lens allowance applies to the cost of your contact lens exam and your contact lenses. You will receive a 15% discount off the cost of your contact lens exam (fitting and evaluation) from a VSP doctor. Your contact lens exam is performed in addition to your routine eye exam to check for eye health risks associated with improper wearing or fitting of contacts.

Annual Limit

You are limited to two pair of glasses, or one pair of glasses and a pair of contacts, or two pairs of contacts up to the plan allowance annually.

How to Locate a VSP Doctor

To locate a VSP doctor, you may go to the VSP Web site at or you may call VSP Member Services at (800) 877-7195.

Vision Contacts

Telephone Number
Web Site Address

Additional Assistance
Telephone Number
Email Address
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