DallasNews Corporation offers affordable, quality health plan coverage that helps you stay well and protects you from the expenses of an illness or injury.
To get the most from your coverage, take a look at the following information:
Do you know how to find network providers in the BCBSTX Blue Choice PPO network? Learn more about our PPO Provider Finder.
Do you know the best facilities to use for certain treatments? Find the Blue Distinction facilities.
Are you expecting a newborn?  The Special Beginnings Program can help.   
Not sure if you need to go to the ER or have another medical question? Call the 24/7 Nurseline
Trying to make a change to be healthier or stop using tobacco? Check out the Lifestyle Management programs
Want information about your health benefits anytime, anywhere? The Blue Access for Members website gives you quick access and more.
Want to know what it costs for a certain procedure? Need to precertify MRIs or CT scans (and avoid the surcharge)? Use the Benefits Value Advisor customer service line.
Remember, it’s your health and your money. Be sure to know your benefits and take advantage of all that is offered to you.

When Medical Coverage Begins and Ends

When Coverage Begins

When you first join the company, your medical coverage begins on the first of the month after you have two continuous months of service with the company, provided you have enrolled within 31 days of your eligibility period.

When Coverage Ends

Generally, medical coverage under DallasNews Corporation’s plan for you and your enrolled dependents ends when you:
No longer meet the eligibility requirements described in Eligibility and Participation section (see Who Is Eligible)
Terminate employment with DallasNews Corporation (effective at the end of the month you terminate)
Cancel or drop coverage
Stop making any required payments for coverage
Coverage also ends if the plan is terminated, your employer stops participating in the plan or the plan is amended to terminate coverage for a group or class of individuals that includes you.


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Includes mental health and substance abuse
BlueCross BlueShield
of Texas
Prescription Drugs
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Prime Therapeutics
Prime Therapeutics Specialty (for specialty drugs only)

Additional Assistance
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DallasNews Corporation Benefits
If you need additional assistance, contact your local DallasNews Corporation Human Resource representative
Dallas: 214-977-7210
Representatives are available from 8 a.m – 5 p.m. CT, Monday through Friday.