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Enjoy LIFE 360: LIFE 360 is designed to help us each achieve a meaningful life through harmony, integration and life alignment. How we can best take care of ourselves, our families and our community varies for each individual. Check out our new LIFE 360 programs offering workplace flexibility, community service time off, and new benefits like the ROTH 401(k) option and generous maternity and paternity leave.
Take advantage of a Benefits Value Advisor: To speak to an advisor, call the Customer Service number on the back of your BCBSTX ID card. They can help you schedule doctor appointments, compare costs at different providors, help with precertification and more.
Participate in the Member Rewards Program: If you call a Benefits Value Advisor or use the Member Rewards tool online at to explore cost-effective treatment options, you’ll also qualify for the Member Rewards Program.
Know when you can make changes: You may not make changes to your plans unless you experience a qualifying family status change, such as the birth or adoption of a child or a marriage. Be sure to notify DallasNews Corporation within 31 days of the event. Documentation of the qualifying event will be required.

Important Legal Information

Required Notices

Each year, DallasNews Corporation is legally required to communicate certain benefits information. We’ve combined our Summary Annual Report, Medicare Part D Notice, HIPAA Privacy Notice, Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Notice and other legal information into one Required Notices document for your convenience.

Health Insurance Marketplace Notice

This Marketplace Notice informs you about the public coverage options available as part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). It also explains how employer-sponsored plans that meet the ACA’s “minimum value” and “affordability” standards affect your eligibility for federal assistance.

Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)

Your SBC summarizes important information about your health care coverage in a standardized format. You can review your 2024 CDHP SBC, as well as your 2024 PPO SBC, for information about your coverage.
If you have questions, please contact DallasNews Corporation Benefits by:
Calling 214-977-7210

About the Information on This Site
This site presents information about the health and welfare benefit programs provided by DallasNews Corporation (sometimes referred to as DallasNews Corp or the “company” on this site) for its eligible employees. Eligible employees of DallasNews Corporation and its participating subsidiaries and their family members and beneficiaries are covered by these DallasNews Corporation plans.

This site is intended to provide easy-to-understand descriptions (Summary Plan Descriptions or SPDs) of each benefit program provided by the DallasNews Corporation health and welfare benefit plans. Neither these SPDs nor updated materials are contracts or assurances of compensation, continued employment or benefits of any kind. If any summary of benefits differs from the official plan documents in any way, the official plan documents will govern.

DallasNews Corporation reserves the right to modify or terminate any of its plans or programs described in the SPDs at its discretion. Only DallasNews Corporation is authorized to change its respective plans. From time to time, you will receive updated information concerning plan changes.